please Lord…

HEAR and accept my prayer…

Call out to your children, your sons and daughters, to rise up.

Speak to our hearts and souls to bring about a revolution.

A renewal. A rebirth. A resurrection.

Not a rising up of arms, destruction, or flames… Instead, may it be an outpouring of the Spirit calling us to the Greatest Cause…

The salvation of the world through Christ Jesus.

May we kneel before you in prayer, O Lord, more frequently and fervently than ever. Let us redouble these efforts more than anything. Let us pray for your will to be done. Let us pray for the world to receive your healing grace.

May your Spirit purify our hearts. Drive out our hidden sin. Reveal the mixed motives. Burn away our transgression in your all-consuming fire. Prepare us, O Lord, to serve faithfully, truthfully.

Give us the courage of a clean heart.

Let us see clearly how the world is changing. Give us discernment to tear down lies and manipulations—especially the ones that prop up our own false comfort.

Give us the humility to accept that we don’t have all the answers.

And may what is Just and Pure remain. May Christ alone remain.

Get us ready, O Lord. Prepare us.

May we rally around our Savior Jesus Christ and cleave ourselves to him, closer than ever.

May we work together as the living Body of Christ to bring Good News to the world.

May your Church shine brightly as a beacon of hope.

May our Mighty Lord rise up, extend his wounded hand, and cast out the evil one, far into the abyss.

And may many come to know your restorative justice and your infinite mercy.

May we give ourselves up, as a living sacrifice, unto your holy will.

Work in us and through us, O Lord.

We cry out to you. Hear our cry!

And may we find great joy in loving you and serving you.

May we find great joy in serving our neighbor and even our enemy.

May the love of God pour out over us and out from us

Until our Lord Jesus comes again.

We wait and serve, O Lord, in anticipation,

For the fulfillment of your promises,

For the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus name,


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6 Replies to “please Lord…”

  1. This is truly the prayer of the endtime Church. Lord. May our gaze continue to be on him.
    Thank you so much God’s servant for sharing this prayer. I am a new blogger and visiting your site today has inspired me. God bless you.


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