Even in the tough times… when I feel tired and weary, and even just getting out of bed is a struggle,

I will rest in YOU.

Even if nobody seems to care or recognize my efforts, and I’m bone tired, dragged down by the fight with nothing in heaven or on earth to encourage me,

I will rest in YOU.

And when the world seems chaotic and complex, and I can’t tell what’s really good as everyone seems stained somehow,

I will rest in YOU.

And even when it seems as if nobody on earth cares that Christ came and died for our sins,

When the apathy and dense evil of mankind show up ugly and mean,

And when those I look up to fail in their faith,

And I fail in mine,

I will rest in YOU.

When I’m hurt, ignored, insulted, cheated, disrespected, betrayed…

… and have all the reason in the world to return hellfire …

I will rest in YOU.

And in the dark night, when nothing makes sense, and I feel like I’m falling into an abyss,

When I must wait…

And push through…

I rest. IN YOU.

Then when I go forth, to serve and to share the Good News, let me not rest upon my efforts,

But let it be YOU.

And when I’m tempted with vanity and pride, or even despair…

Open my eyes, mind and heart…

Let my soul know…

That the only true rest is YOU.

And when the months and years stretch out, and the archives of your glory gather in my soul,

Let me rejoice and be glad,

As it’s all from YOU.

I look up to heaven.

I wait.


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