You see it… don’t you?

THE LORD molded you over the years. He’s shaken you up sometimes. If you’ve served him long enough, you’ve certainly been humiliated. Even your own failure is enough for that to happen.

You know what the stakes are. Such incredibly high stakes. Souls at risk. Life hangs in the balance.

You see past all the noise of the world that seeks to take away your focus… and if you lose your peace you know only the wounds of Christ return true peace to you.

You see how many have fallen in disgrace for instead of upholding the essence they defended an institution, title, image, or lifestyle. You fear and flee from this.

You’ve learned to speak up when necessary… and when to shut your mouth.

You understand the struggle means year after year of hard work, toil, sacrifice, and waiting upon God.

You’ve fought the battles. You know what it takes to win. And you’ve lost plenty of times too. You have felt shame.

You’ve looked inside you and seen an abyss of darkness so black that only the goodness of the Creator could possibly bring light there. On your own you know you are forever lost.

Yet after all this you know and feel in the deep core of your heart…

You realize how little you know. You see your insignificance in the whole scheme of things. If you disappear tomorrow, the steamroller of time and progress will keep grinding forward.

And THAT is so incredible and awesome! It blows you away.

How great is God’s love!

The infinite, all-powerful, all-seeing, ever present God of the universe reaching down, down, down to a small weak creature. The tiniest speck. And pouring out the full abundance of his love over you.

HE MADE HIMSELF KNOWN TO YOU. He became flesh to suffer and die. Out of love.


And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father. (John 1:14)

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